Sociomedia is a design consulting firm in Japan specializing in designing user interfaces for various information technologies such as business applications, Internet services, and mobile solutions.

Sociomedia’s design is based on techniques from the field of human-computer interaction, usability engineering, and visual information design.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help for localizing or newly developing user interfaces of your applications or services to Japan market.

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  • User Interface Design

    We are a professional UI design team and we design the best user interfaces for various software solutions such as enterprize systems, Internet services, and mobile applications.

    We also can help effective prototyping by using our original interaction design tool for your innovation, and we have wide experience to develop user interface standards for individual applications.

  • Usability Evaluation

    Through our usability evaluation, problems of your software services become obvious.

    We observe real users such as Japanese consumers who are actually using your services or applications to find the blockades your users face.

    Also we often practice expert reviews as low cost evaluation.

    We have our own 100 guidelines for web design and 20 heuristics for all kinds of UI designs to be used in our evaluation.

  • Software

    We have been developing software tools which are built with our concepts and methods of designing user interfaces.

    The latest program, Textwell, is a multipurpose text box for iOS. It can be used for any writing tasks such as emailing, blogging, searching, posting to Facebook or Twitter, and so on. The built-in actions are fully customizable, and you can even create ones by yourself.

    SimpleWeb (Japanese), another product, is a server-based solution that transcodes web pages into simple text edition.

  • DESIGN IT! the Media

    DESIGN IT! is our media brand for designers and IT professionals.

    We feel that technology and good design can reach out, and touch people in new ways. It isn't just to create a different product, but a better product. As Information Technology as a whole becomes an enabling force, we believe it is possible to bring more people together through design.

    Our answer is here, in our work to build a better society by bringing better IT design to users.